My own work

"By incorporating subtle animation into object textures and details, and introducing the element of time, Skogberg embeds the possibility of narrative in the images The photorealistic computer graphic environments look like still lifes but with subtle animation incorporated in the object textures and details, implying a narrative in each shot. Experimenting with the different ways audiences view still life, photography and moving image Skogberg intends the viewer to "imagine what has just happened or is about to happen in each scene according to their own experience.""



Unlike the thick inner volume of the pear head, this cheap hair extensions gives a feeling of warmth and beauty. When trimming, pay attention to the tail of the real hair extensions must be cut from high to low level, roll up and send it to have this effect. This hair style can be brushed out by a hair extensions dryer and a reel, and it is also possible to use no special hot.

Collaboration work for other artists

I worked with Tony Oursler and Rob O'neil creating the CG for Tony Ourslers large-scale sculptural installations primarily shown at Metro Pictures in New York city


I helped Christian Jankowski who is a contemporary multimedia artist who largely works in video, installation, and photography known from the Whitney Biennial among others. in creating the cg fur for his warwolf project installationa bout a man who turns into a warewolf. http://www.artfacts.net/index.php/pageType/exhibitionInfo/exhibition/58687/lang/1

I created an all cg environment and fairy tale forrest, a project about the higline and the film "single storey america" for Liisa Robert known from the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York among others