Ghost town (comedy 2008)

featured Tea Leoni Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais in the movies 2008

I worked on two shots in this movie lighting and texturing doing lighitng and texturing

Nanny diaries (comedy 2007)

featured TScarlett Johansen and Laura Linney in the movies 2007

I worked on texturing the umbrella and lighting and rendering passes for one background shot

Chicago 10 (animation 2007)

in the movies 2007

I worked on modelling part of the environment

Sleepdealer (scifi 2009)

Winner Sundance festival in the movies 2009

I worked on lighting, shading, texturing rendering several shots

Barbie Diaries (animation 2006)

Barbie goes to highschool. On Dvd 2006

I worked on lighting environments and texturing clothes

Unlike the thick inner volume of the pear head, this cheap hair extensions gives a feeling of warmth and beauty. When trimming, pay attention to the tail of the real hair extensions must be cut from high to low level, roll up and send it to have this effect. This hair style can be brushed out by a hair extensions dryer and a reel, and it is also possible to use no special hot.